Gun Stock Restoration
Apply New Finish $200 to $280
Remove Old Finish $60 to $120
Repair Broken Stock Very Hard to Quote Please Send me Pictures
Checkering Recut $75 to $200
Forend Tip Added $100 to $150 Price includes wood, and finish of your choice
Perform Final Inletting & Fitting on Aftermarket Stock $200 to $280
Make new Stock, Wood not Included $1900 to $2800
Glass Bed Action $90 to $180 depends on size of area and Unfinished or Finished Wood
Return Shipping $25 to $50 Shipping and Insurance costs vary widely depending on weight, distance and value
Nice Woiod
Checkered Butt on AyA #1
A5 Refinished
Hairline Crack Repair
Pictures of Past Work
Greener Before
Greener After
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How Much is It Going to Cost?
Rates updated January, 2015

The costs I am presenting on this page are estimates based on a shop rate of $50 per hour. They are intended to give my customers a rough order of magnitude cost of making improvements to their stock. I must reserve the right to adjust my charges based on what I actually encounter with each gunstock. I will give you a preliminary estimate prior to you sending your stock. Prices do not include disassembly/assembly time of complete guns.

When I receive your stock, I will inspect it and then give you a definitive quote as to the charges. If you are not satisfied with the quote, I will ship the stock back to you at your cost. No other charges will be made.
Once I have inspected the piece and given you a final quote, a deposit of 1/2 may be required at startup. The balance is due upon completion and prior to return shipment.

Pricing does not include shipping
Washington Sales Tax of 8.X% will be billed to WA residents.

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