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Bill Sporcich, Gunstock Checkering checkering4.jpg (94923 bytes)
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Please note, I only do checkering as part of repairs or refinishing jobs.  No matter how nice the wood looks, or how well the stock is proportioned, the stock is not complete until the checkering is done. 

Good crisp checkering makes a gun stock look and feel so much better!  Re-cutting the checkering is needed in almost every repair or refinish job, I don't know any good way to refinish a stock without filling the existing checkering with stain/finish/sawdust.  

Your gun can look and perform so much better with sharp checkering.  If you have a stock with beautiful wood, but worn off checkering from years of use, and you want to get it looking good again, give me a call, I have done 100's of checkering  jobs.

Smith Fore end New Worn off checking on a fine gun is such a pity.  I love to re-cut the lines on a fine piece of walnut.  It's like giving a classic car a new paint job.
Smith Fore end Old To the left is the old fore-end and above is the new one.  A warning though, you can become addicted to sharp checkering.
Good Checkering This is a checkered butt stock, the entire stock is gorgeous with lots of detail, I improve the checkering 100% including this butt treatment. 



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