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Gun Stock Repair

LC Example
Repair is my specialty, I can take your poor,  tired, or broken stock and give it new life.
LC Example 2


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LC Smiths have kept stock makers in business since the turn of the last century,  here are some pictures of a nice 2E that once had a 7 piece butt stock, shown in the first three pictures.  The gun was restocked in 1927 to modern day drop, cast, etc, with a beautiful piece of English Walnut.  LC Example 3
It eventually cracked, then cracked again, then just fell apart.  When I dismantled it I had seven pieces of wood in my hands, all the pieces were oil soaked and the checkering was gone, the entire stock was black.  I repaired it15 years ago and it is still working fine.

This next gun is mine, and it is a sad story.  I was hunting pheasants  when I fell down a bank thanks to a buried fence. 

Broken Westley Richards
Broke WR3

Below is an after picture, note the glue line.  Total time to repair back to this condition was 5 hours labor. I was hunting with this gun 7 days after the terrible accident. 
WR in Traction

Repaired Westley Richards


Repaired Westley Richards 2

Here is an example of good and bad news for my own gun.  The good news is the gun above is back together and looking pretty good.  The bad news is that we now have a bad wood to metal fit in the trigger tang area.  This stock was made in 1909, it had been refinished more than once and the wood was even with or below the metal before the accident.  The repair work took the wood further below the metal.  This gun should be restocked, and it will be when I get around to it. 
This is what can be done with a stock if the need be.  This expensive pellet gun came to me with the butt stock broken off and lost, all that was there was the fore end wood.
Grafted Stock

The gun now has a nice cheek piece which came from another broken stock.
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